Prayer List for week of 7/5/20 

Special prayers for All Victims of Violence, Poverty, and Discrimination
Special prayers for Equality for All People
Special prayers for All Affected by Wars, Fires, and Natural Disasters
Special prayers for Peace and Unity in Jacksonville and in our Country
Special prayers for those who will choose a new rector for St. Andrew's
Special prayers for all affected by COVID-19

We pray for those who are in trouble, sorrow, need or sickness:
 Mike, Emma, Otis, Edie, William, Shawn, Christy, Bill, Chance,
Charles, Sean, Jim, Douglas, Debbie, Dennis, Carol, Jeff,
Paul, Lauretta, Kathryn, Mark, Jerry, Joyce, Carole,
Mike, Earl, Donna, Marsha, Shirley, Candy, Kenny, Stephen,
Wendy, Ann, David, Joshua, Amy, Melissa, and Fred


 We pray for those in need of support and guidance:
The Minton Family

We give thanks for those celebrating anniversaries this week:
Kay & John Brim and Michelle & Andrew May

We give thanks for those celebrating birthdays this week:
Al Cherry, Ann Mason, Lisa Gallian, Carl Shifflett,
Mike Christnacht, Eric Mitchell, and Emily Mitchell

We pray for our active military personnel and first responders:
Adam, Andrew, Philip, Josh, Julian, Matthew, Rebecca, William,
Pierce, Lauren, Thomas, Amanda, George, Cade, Christina,
Jacqueline, William, Anthony, Chad, Tommy, Rob, Matthew,
Hunter, Brett, Johnathan, and Jessie


Special Prayers for:

St. Andrew's Annual Stewardship Campaign
Growth in the Membership and Participation in the Church


We remember in the Diocesan Cycle of Prayer:
Pray for all churches.