"What to do if ..."

You are going to the hospitalCall the Parish Office (725-6566 or email saoffice@comcast.net) to let us know where and when you will be hospitalized.  During admission, indicate that you are a member of St. Andrew's Episcopal Church. Ministry is the responsibility of the parishioners as well as the clergy and such a partnership makes ministry possible.

You are confined to your home because of illness:  Calls are made regularly by the clergy and the laity on those who are shut in.  Do not hesitate to call the Parish Office if you know of a friend who is shut in and may be deprived of this ministry.  Help keep your priests informed.

You wish to have Holy Communion brought to you at home or in the hospital:  Request that the sacrament be brought to you when you contact the Parish Office.

You are faced with a death in the family:  Contact the Parish Office immediately.  Priests are prepared to assist you with ministry and in managing the details of burial.  Please do not set the time for the funeral before contacting the priest.

You are planning to be married: Contact the Parish Office for an appointment with the priest before any plans are made and to secure a date when the clergy and church areavailable.  The church requires 60 days notice to the priest to provide adequate time for planning and counseling.  More time is needed in cases involving a divorce.

You desire the sacrament of Holy BaptismBaptisms are celebrated on certain Sundays throughout the year. Contact the Parish Office to indicate your interest.  You will be informed of the date and time of the next baptismal instruction.

You want to become a member of St. Andrew's Episcopal Church: a)if you are a member of another Episcopal Church, call our Parish Office with the name and address of that church and we will request a transfer on your behalf;  b) if you are not an Episcopalian, bring your baptismal certificate to be recorded and you will become a baptized member of the parish and the Episcopal Church;  c) if you wish to be confirmed or received, contact the Parish Office for dates of confirmation and the schedule of the next Inquirer's Class.