The St. Andrew's Church Foundation


The St. Andrew's Church Foundation was established in 2001.  The Foundation is an Endowment Fund which uses proceeds for the advancement of religious, charitable, educational, and any other related or corresponding charitable purposes within its by-laws.

Our goal is the support, enhancement, and continuation of the religious and charitable activities of St. Andrew's Episcopal Church.

Board of Directors

 Tricia Pulsifer               504-6857
 Matthew Charron         838-2412
Sharon Van Hoek         723-5667
 Ed Charron                   221-0202
 Penny Knutsen              221-6269
Gary Miller                    928-0497

Make all gifts, General or Memorial, payable to:  The St. Andrew's Church Foundation, Inc.  Memorial gifts should include the name and address of the person honored so that we can notify the family of your gift.

Gifts may be in the amount of your choice.  If you would like to purchase an inscribed Memorial Brick to be placed within the Memorial Walkway, the minimum gift is $115.00.

Gifts may be mailed to:
St. Andrew's Episcopal Church
Attn: St. Andrew's Foundation
7801 Lone Star Road
Jacksonville, Florida  32211